Friday, September 3, 2010

Kong vs. Muuhin: Battle of the Ajarns

On the 31 August, the spectators at Ubon stadium were treated to the highly anticipated re-match between current Legacy Gym trainer Ajarn Kong and former trainer Ajarn Muuhin. Their previous bout went the distance, with Muuhin proving to be the stronger fighter in the clinch. He used his size and strength advantage well to overpower Kong throughout the fight and get the decision. Ajarn Kong was really disappointed with his performance and eager to have a rematch.

Ajarn Kong spent the whole of August training hard for the fight, and many hours improving his clinch work with Ajarn Nimnuan. It seemed Muuhin was training hard too, as he was spotted running around the lake on numerous occasions.

On the night of the fight, a large crowd gathered in support of both fighters, despite the heavy rain. Ajarn Kong's supporters included nearly all the staff and fighters at Legacy, some of his personal friends, and even a very loud drummer. Both fighters lost a noticeable amount of weight since their previous encounter, and looked mean and ready for a reckless war.

Rounds 1 and 2 were slow paced, with each of the ajarns seemingly searching for holes in the other's technique. The action started to pick up in round 3, but it was round 4 that decided the bout. Ajarn Kong won in convincing fashion, dominating not only in the clinch but also in the striking game. Below is a video of the fight in full, including Ajarn Kong's amazing acrobatic celebration as the decision was announced.

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