Friday, September 24, 2010

Hampus and Marcus are back from China

Hampus and Marcus are now back from Yulin, China, near the border with Inner Mongolia, where they had a couple of tough MMA fights last week. They were accompanied by Ole Laursen, who flew from Singapore to be in their corner straight after being cornerman for Malik and Isa at Martial Combat 9 and 10.

Marcus fought well and lost a controversial decision on points. The referee's interventions, breaking the action and re-starting the fighters in the middle of  the ring was, at times, hard to justify. Especially since the fighters were re-started in the stand-up position, not the same position they were in when the referee intervened. Marcus had his opponent in a tight armbar at one point (as you can see in the picture above), but was made to let go by the referee, who re-started the fighters in the stand-up position.

Hampus's fight was declared a no-contest. He got repeatedly stomped on the face 20 seconds into round one. The referee stopped the fight and seemed to hesitate a while, before raising the Chinese fighter's arm in victory. After much controversy, the decision was ruled out and changed to a no-contest. Such severe infringement of the rules would, in any other place, mean a sure win for Hampus by disqualification.

Hampus is disappointed that his first MMA fight had to be stopped so early, but he has a muay thai fight scheduled for this weekend, and says he can't wait for another chance to kick some arse again!

Click here to watch a video of Hampus's fight.

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