Monday, December 14, 2009

Info about Legacy Gym

Training at Legacy Gym costs 17 000 bath per month for muay thai training, accommodation and 2 meals 6 days a week. For muay thai and mma training you pay 20 000 bath (at the time of writing, about 412 euro or 604 us dollar) per month.

The rooms are equipped with fans, TV and DVD-player. Unlimited laundry service is included in the price and internet is available by WIFI (also included in the price).

Legacy Gym

The current schedule of the gym is:

06.30 muay thai
08.00 mma
15.30 muay thai (MT sparring session)

06.30 muay thai
11.00 mma
15.30 muay thai (padwork/technique for mma)

06.30 muay thai
15.30 muay thai (boxing sparring)

06.30 muay thai
17.00 mma
15.30 muay thai (padwork/technique for mma)

06.30 muay thai
15.30 muay thai (muay thai sparring)

07.30 muay thai
16.00 muay thai (padwork/technique for mma)
17.00 mma

Muay thai padwork with trainers
Malik Mawlayi teaching mma

Room at Legacy Gym

It is possible to pay on a weekly basis, the price is then 5000 bath per week for muay thai and 6000 bath per week for muay thai and mma.

Lunch time at the gym

It is possible to buy equipment at the gym at very good prices. If something is needed that is not in stock it is possible to have it delivered usually within a week.

Overview of the training area

If one want to see more of the surrounding area the most convenient way of getting around is a motorbike. Renting a motorbike costs 3000 bath per month, 1000 bath per week or 200 bath for a day. An automatic can be rented for 4000 bath per month, 1200 bath per week or 250 bath per day.

Circuit training

Legacy Gym in the evening

For more information check out the homepage of Legacy Gym.

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