Sunday, September 25, 2011

Victory at Dare Championship 2/11

Nuay ‘Nuaytorious’ LegacyGym, fought at Dare Championship 2/11, this Saturday, September 24th. He fought another Thai guy, Robert Lek. Both fighters with 100+ Muay Thai fights. But this time, it was MMA, Lek and Nuay both had one MMA fight before. Both fighters came out and exchanged some standing up, but then Nuay takes Lek down and right away goes to side control and then to mount, he moved up and transitioned into a armbar and forced Lek to tap out.

Congratulations to Nuay ‘Nuaytorious’!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

50 kicks in 30 seconds - the challenge

On Thursday 27 May, Ole Laursen issued a challenge to his fighters and trainers at Legacy: 50 kicks in 30 seconds. Here are the videos that we are allowed to post ;)

Now if you thought those were impressive, check out Legacy Gym's new trainer, the baby-faced savage Ajarn Singhto, who completed the challenge in only 28 seconds!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beginners Class at Legacy Gym

Hampus Larsson's highlights 2010

Here is a great highlights video of Hampus doing what he does best: annihilating opponents in the ring!

Hampus first came to Legacy in 2009, from Sweden, to train muay thai and fight. One of the hardest working guys at the gym, he has kept himself busy in the local muay thai circuit, building himself a record of 6-1 in just over a year. And he has no plans to stop: when asked about his thoughts for the future, Hampus says he wishes to carry on training at Legacy and fighting regularly, and has set his sights on breaking into the international scene in 2011. So... soon to come: more flying knees from Hampus! Watch this space!

Two wins for Legacy over rainy weekend

Adam from Sweden and the "retired" Ajarn Nuay traveled a long way to Nakhon Phanom last Saturday, to fight at a muay thai event that, unbelievably, didn't get cancelled due to the rain that fell persistently throughout the evening.

Adam fought first, and displayed beautiful technique, landing clean powerful shots that his opponent was unable to answer back. He finished the fight in the first round with a solid right elbow that knocked his opponent down, leaving him unable to continue.

Mongkol Khao (a.k.a. Ajarn Nuay) had an interesting fight, as the rain had started to pour heavily by the time his name was announced. The ring became very slippery, but that didn't stop the fighters from putting on a tough 5 round battle, with Ajarn Nuay securing the victory in the end.

You can watch the highlights of both fights here:

Big congratulations to the fighters, you've done Legacy proud! And thank you Mladin for standing in the rain to get the videos for us!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ajarn Kong gets ready to rumble!

Here is a video of Ajarn Kong doing some light training and padwork in preparation for his fight tomorrow. Ajarn Kong is still an active fighter, as well as a full time trainer here at Legacy Gym. Good luck, Kong, show them how it's done!

Ajarn Nuay's muay thai fight video

Here are some highlights of Ajarn Nuay's muay thai fight in Benchalak earlier this year. Many thanks to Hampus for the editing!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Legacy Gym announces partnership with Juggernaut Fight Club (Singapore)

Juggernaut Fight Club
Ole "Iron Fist" Laursen was in Singapore at the beginning of this month to close the recent partnership deal between Legacy Gym and the newly open Juggernaut Fight Club. Ole delivered a seminar at the inauguration of the gym, and has agreed to share Legacy Gym's expertise in martial arts training. Legacy has sent our head muay thai coach, Ajarn Nimnuan, to Singapore for four months to set the foundations of Juggernaut Fight Club's muay thai programme. Ajarn Nimnuan hopes to share his wealth of knowledge as a trainer and instill in his new students the same dedication and drive for success that Legacy Gym promotes in its fighters.

We wish Ajarn Nimnuan and Juggernaut Fight Club every success.

It's been a long time!

Legacy's new outside ring getting ready for action.
Hello back! Apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of months, as I was away on holidays. The guys at the gym kept busy though, training and fighting both nationally and internationally. Here is the latest fights update:

Adam from Sweden and Kenny from Denmark fought last month at a local show near Ubon. Adam put on a fantastic fight, coming back from being knocked down three times to eventually KO his opponent in the first round. Kenny's fight was unfortunately a mismatch as he ended up facing off against a much more experienced opponent. The referee intervened and stopped it in the first round.

Matthew and Nick, both from America, also fought a couple of weeks later at another village show. Nick won his bout by what he called an "Anderson Silva elbow knockout" in the third round. As for Matthew, he faced off against a taller and heavier opponent with many fights under his belt. Matthew lost by KO due to a head kick early in the first round.

Legacy's muay thai trainers Ajarn Kong and Ajarn Nuay fought last month too. It was Ajarn Nuay's last muay thai fight, as he now retires (again!) in order to pursue his fledgling mma career . He won on points, as did Ajarn Kong.

On the mma side, Vaughn "Blud" Anderson has returned to Legacy to once again head the mma training programme. After just over a year here at legacy, Marcus Waters has made his way back to Dallas, his hometown. Thank you Marcus for all your hard work here at Legacy.

Ole has just come back from China, where he accompanied three of our mma boys who fought at the World Martial Arts Champions event. It was Ajarn Nuay's mma debut, and he used his muay thai expertise to land some damaging elbows on his opponent, but his lack of experience on the ground led allowed his opponent to gain the upper hand and submit him by armbar in the first round. Chris also lost his fight by submission, due to a rear naked choke. Vaughn on the other hand, had a fine performance which added to his ever growing winning streak.

I will try to post photos and videos of the fights soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011