Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two wins for Legacy over rainy weekend

Adam from Sweden and the "retired" Ajarn Nuay traveled a long way to Nakhon Phanom last Saturday, to fight at a muay thai event that, unbelievably, didn't get cancelled due to the rain that fell persistently throughout the evening.

Adam fought first, and displayed beautiful technique, landing clean powerful shots that his opponent was unable to answer back. He finished the fight in the first round with a solid right elbow that knocked his opponent down, leaving him unable to continue.

Mongkol Khao (a.k.a. Ajarn Nuay) had an interesting fight, as the rain had started to pour heavily by the time his name was announced. The ring became very slippery, but that didn't stop the fighters from putting on a tough 5 round battle, with Ajarn Nuay securing the victory in the end.

You can watch the highlights of both fights here:

Big congratulations to the fighters, you've done Legacy proud! And thank you Mladin for standing in the rain to get the videos for us!

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