Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's been a long time!

Legacy's new outside ring getting ready for action.
Hello back! Apologies for the lack of posts in the last couple of months, as I was away on holidays. The guys at the gym kept busy though, training and fighting both nationally and internationally. Here is the latest fights update:

Adam from Sweden and Kenny from Denmark fought last month at a local show near Ubon. Adam put on a fantastic fight, coming back from being knocked down three times to eventually KO his opponent in the first round. Kenny's fight was unfortunately a mismatch as he ended up facing off against a much more experienced opponent. The referee intervened and stopped it in the first round.

Matthew and Nick, both from America, also fought a couple of weeks later at another village show. Nick won his bout by what he called an "Anderson Silva elbow knockout" in the third round. As for Matthew, he faced off against a taller and heavier opponent with many fights under his belt. Matthew lost by KO due to a head kick early in the first round.

Legacy's muay thai trainers Ajarn Kong and Ajarn Nuay fought last month too. It was Ajarn Nuay's last muay thai fight, as he now retires (again!) in order to pursue his fledgling mma career . He won on points, as did Ajarn Kong.

On the mma side, Vaughn "Blud" Anderson has returned to Legacy to once again head the mma training programme. After just over a year here at legacy, Marcus Waters has made his way back to Dallas, his hometown. Thank you Marcus for all your hard work here at Legacy.

Ole has just come back from China, where he accompanied three of our mma boys who fought at the World Martial Arts Champions event. It was Ajarn Nuay's mma debut, and he used his muay thai expertise to land some damaging elbows on his opponent, but his lack of experience on the ground led allowed his opponent to gain the upper hand and submit him by armbar in the first round. Chris also lost his fight by submission, due to a rear naked choke. Vaughn on the other hand, had a fine performance which added to his ever growing winning streak.

I will try to post photos and videos of the fights soon.

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