Monday, December 7, 2009

A Monday at Legacy

A normal Monday starts nice and early at 0600 when I drag myself out of bed and eat some breakfast. At 0630 the very convenient food-or-training bell rings and it is time to start the morning training. Morning training is muay thai and the session starts with running. It is up to you how far you run, but if you are up to it, a nice option is to run a lap around the Huai Wang Nong-lake located just outside the gym. A full lap around the lake is approximatively 8 km.

When the fighters get back from running it is time to start skipping. Following skipping it is time to wrap hands and do shadowboxing. Then comes rounds on the bags and pads with trainers. Each rounds is finished with push ups. At the end of the morning session comes 200 situps.

At 1030 the food-or-training bell rings and it is time for lunch.

At noon there is a grappling class with brown belt Eduardo.

At 1530 the food-or-training bells rings yet again and now it is time for the second muay thai class of the day. Monday afternoon of muay thai means that it is time for muay thai sparring.

After a hard days work it is time for the final call of the food-or-training bell for the day. It is now time for another buffet.

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