Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another two TKO victories for Legacy Gym

Hampus, from Sweden, fought again last Sunday, less than a week after coming back from his MMA fight in China. He headlined the card promoted by Ajarn Lai in the village of Na Yia, 30km away from Ubon. Hampus was supposed to fight Pa Yu Yai in a most anticipated muay thai rematch, but ended up having his opponent swapped a couple of days before the fight for local fighter Nu Ang Kor.

Hampus started the first round strong and pushed the pace from the very beginning, not giving Nu Ang Kor space to land his strikes. He caught the Thai fighter with a couple of clean knees to the head that would easily have dropped most mortals. But Nu Ang Kor had a hell of a chin. He landed a couple of big right hands and a good elbow, but Hampus seemed unfazed and kept pressing forward.

In the second round, Hampus was relentless in his attack and determined to end the fight. He utilized his height advantage well, looking for high kicks and knees to the head - and landing them! It wasn't long before Nu Ang Kor got a standing 8 second count by the referee. Hampus continued his flurry of strikes to the point that his opponent was no longer answering back - the referee had no choice but to end the contest and give him the win by TKO.

Nut, the newest Thai kid to join Legacy Gym, also fought on Sunday, on the same card as Hampus. He had a tough battle against an older opponent, who was getting the best of the fight until the last round, when Nut's superior fitness won him the fight. Nut's opponent dropped to the ground in exhaustion, seconds before the end of the last round, and the referee called an end to the fight - another win for Nut, and another TKO for Legacy!

Ajarn Nuay, one of the muay thai trainers at Legacy, came out of retirement to fight in Sisaket that same night. He had only two days' notice after a period of over a year without training. Ajarn Nuay went the distance, but lost on points, and feels like it could perhaps have been a different story had he had more time to train and get ready for the fight. Rematch on the line?

Well, this is it for now. Videos of Hampus's and Nut's fights will be posted here soon, watch this space!

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