Monday, August 23, 2010

Legacy wins 2 out of 3 on Saturday

It was a busy day on Saturday for Legacy fighters, with Phillip fighting at Talat Wichai and both Kim and Leeyam fighting at Ubon Stadium.

Phillip faced off against the same opponent who, a couple of months ago, defeated Frankie from San Francisco. The bout headlined an event staged by Yamaha, which was televised locally on channel 11. It included a seated dinner for around 200 guests, 8 muay thai fights and performances by Thai singers. Phillip started the fight strongly, with a couple of sharp boxing combinations. As his confidence grew, he started using a variety of techniques, including a spinning elbow which wowed the crowd. His opponent landed a couple of good elbows, but Phillip was unphased and continued to attack. The fight finished suddenly when Phillip landed a solid kick cleanly on his opponent's jaw, knocking him out cold. The crowd was impressed with Phillip's technique and accuracy, and many came to congratulate him after the fight.

Kim Siam continues to ease through his opponents with superb technique and vicious knees. His fight at the stadium on Saturday night seemed a foregone conclusion, with none of the bookies willing to take bets against him. He started the fight in his usual manner, tentatively gauging his opponent's range whilst evading most of his attacks. At the end of the first round, he began to close down the distance and deliver a few knees to his opponent's midsection. In the second round, Kim continued to land accurate knees to the body, hurting his opponent, who started to show signs of fatigue. He finished the fight in the third round, with a succession of powerful knees that knocked the wind out of his opponent and left him unable to continue.

On the same card, Leeyam, another Legacy youngster, took on a much heavier opponent in a gruelling five round battle. The first couple of rounds were typical of Thai fights, with both fighters feeling each other out. Leeyam picked up the pace in rounds 3 and 4, and seemed to be getting the better of his opponent in the clinch. He was however visibly tired in round 5, and allowed his opponent to come back and get the decision.

Congratulations to the three fighters, who topped up Ole's birthday weekend with some great results for Legacy.

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