Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zebaztian KOs opponent in first round with devastating punching power!

What a start! Zebaztian, from Sweden, had his first muay thai fight in the village of Na Yia last night, after training at Legacy Gym for only four weeks. He took on the fight with less than a week's notice, and faced off against a Thai opponent from Warin Chamrap.

From the start, Zebaztian showed he meant business, with a savage low kick to his opponent's thigh that made the crowd cringe. He kept the pressure on, using his superior power to dominate his opponent throughout the fight. Zebaztian eventually went forward with a relentless boxing combination and ended the exchange with a beautiful uppercut that knocked his opponent out cold.

Well done, Zebaztian - we are all thrilled with your victory!

I will post the video of Zebaztian's fight here soon, watch this space.

Ajarn Lai taping Zebaztian's hands.

Thai oil and a massage to get those muscles warmed up.

Strike a pose, you've got a crowd!

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