Sunday, July 4, 2010

Barbecue at the beach!

Today, the Legacy crew headed down to the local "beach", Hat Khu Dua, for a feast of barbecued pork and a taste of some local Isaan food. The "beach" is actually a 1km strip of sand along the banks of the Mun river.

There are dozens of floating bamboo restaurants selling everything from somtam to deep fried grasshoppers, live jumping shrimps and whole spit-roasted piglets.

A lot of the boys enjoyed a dip in the river after they had their fill. The water is warm and, from what we've been led to believe, reasonably safe.

While some of the others were quite happy having a little Sunday afternoon snooze.

We all finished the day with a bit of UFC action on the big screen, set up in the Legacy Gym cage.

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