Friday, July 23, 2010

Controversial refereeing in China and upcoming fights

Zebaztian and Marcus are back from China after having lost their mma fights due to controversial referee stoppages.

Zebaztian was doing well in the second round of his fight, having obtained a dominant ground position. He was clearly controlling his opponent from the top, when the referee unexpectedly stopped the contest on the alleged grounds of Zebaztian being "too tired to continue".

Marcus didn't have much better luck. He got knocked down by one of his opponent's punches, got up straight away, and was ready to continue fighting, but the referee also decided to stop his fight prematurely.

Both fighters are back at the gym and, although a little disappointed by the bad refereeing in China, they are now focused on training for their next challenges. Marcus is scheduled to fight on the 1st of August, in Taiwan, and Zebaztian is hoping to get a muay thai fight locally before heading back to Sweden in 3 weeks.

Hampus from Sweden is also fighting again this weekend. He faces off against Thai fighter Suan Phet from Phibun Mangsahan, who has had 22 professional fights and usually fights at 67kg. Hampus's fight will take place on Sunday evening, and we wish him the best of luck. I will update the blog with results as soon as I can.

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