Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Legacy Gym 3 - Others 0

Last Saturday the 6th of November, Legacy sent three fighters, Ajarn Nuay, Hampus and Thalita,to Ban Kor Wang in Yasothon. All three fights were very important for different reasons: Ajarn Nuay fought a rematch of the fight he lost by decision six weeks ago, Hampus faced his toughest opponent to date,in a bid to extend his current winning streak to three, and Thalita made her first appearance in over a year since having reconstructive shoulder surgery.

The fight card was packed with talent and all of the fights were closely contested. The event kicked off with a couple of kids' bouts and then it was straight into the good stuff...

Thalita was the first Legacy fighter to take to the ring in the fifth bout of the evening.  She had a lot of support as two pick-ups had made their way from Ubon packed with Ajarn Nuay's friends and family and the majority of the Danish National Muay Thai Team who are currently at Legacy preparing for the World Amateur Championships in Bangkok.

Although Thalita took the fight on only 4 or 5 hours notice, she looked sharp and caught her opponent with a number of powerful right hands early in the fight.  It looked as though 'Mad Dog' might get the KO as she continued to dominate.  But her opponent was very game, and managed to last the distance.  The fight went to a judges'decision and there was no doubt who had won the bout when Thalita's arm was raised.  She was extremely happy to get her first win in Thailand and to emerge completely unscathed after four rounds of action.  Well done Thalita.

Next up was the evening's main event.  Ajarn Nuay's recent defeat in a bout he took at very short notice had left a stale taste in his mouth.  So MongkholKhao(The White Dragon) came out of his early retirement and got back to training once more.  It was obvious from the initial bell that the skill level on display here was far above that of the other fights on the card as both Ajarn Nuay and his opponent put on a superb technical display worthy of the big stadiums in Bangkok.

The opening rounds were a tit-for-tat battle with Ajarn Nuay landing a number of savage leg-kicks while his opponent concentrated more on the body.  With the power on display, it was hard to imagine the fight going the distance and in the middle of the third round, MongkholKhao landed a very quick combination and finished his opponent with an uppercut elbow.  All of us were delighted with his win as he's one of the friendliest faces at the gym and a great trainer to boot.  It seems the victory has breathed new fire into 'The White Dragon' as he now has another fight scheduled for the 19th of November.  Congratulations Ajarn Nuay, well done.

A couple of bouts later 'SuperHam' took the spotlight.  It was Hampus's third fight in recent weeks and, taking a step up in class this time, he took on a much more experienced opponent.  The trainers had been warning him for a couple of weeks about this guy's ability and cunning, so he was prepared for a tough battle.  But as in each of his previous bouts, Hampus wasted no time in launching an all-out attack with elbows and vicious knees to the head.  He took a couple of hard leg kicks and was rocked early in the second round by a combination of punches but, once Hampus smells blood, he is relentless.  He finished his opponent with a flurry of knees in only the second round and has as yet never made it to the third round in his entire fight career.  The trainers were so impressed with his performance that there is talk of him facing off against former Legacy trainer Muuhin, or even SuperClinch in the near future.  Now, that's a match worth writing about: SuperClinch vs SuperHam!!!!!
Well done Hampus.

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